Thermal spraying

Thermal spraying is a surface coating technology which combines a variety of positive characteristics. In recent years, thermal spraying has become increasingly important, both in the manufacturing of new parts and in the repair or existing parts.

The term "thermal spraying" covers a range of spray processes which are classified according to the type of spray material, type of operation or type of energy source, as defined in the standard ISO 14917.

There are numerous possible combinations of base and coating and alternative methods have now being utilised.These include using high grade materials tailored for high quality surface production.Thermal spraying's flexibility means that high grade worn parts can be repaired in different ways. Low repair costs and relatively short downtimes are major advantages over other refurbishing methods.

All thermal spray processes require two types of energy-thermal and kinetic.Thermal energy is required to melt or fuse the spray material and kinetic energy,at required particle velocity influences the coating density, the bond strength of the coating itself and the bond strength of the coating to the base material.