Oxy fuel

Fuel gas market

The fuel gas market is split into four areas: machine cutting, hand trolley, specialised applications and single cylinder manifold usage. We supply some of the highest capacity options in Australia, thereby helping to reduce unit costs, changeover times and labour costs. We also offer potential rental costs reductions.

1)   Machine cutting is normally done with LPG in bulk, manifold LPG cylinders or single LPG cylinders.  CIG machines using Type 44 high speed LPG nozzles are the largest machines used.

2)   Acetylene is commonly used in the hand trolley market. The most common applications are hand cutting, heating, gouging and some gas welding or brazing.

3) Thermal spraying is one of the fastest growing specialised fuel gas market segments. Flame hardening can be acetylene or LPG and depends on what equipment is used.

4)   The single cylinder manifolds are normally used in technical colleges, navy and army workshops and in some large workshops.  With the introduction of our high capacity acetylene 6 Packs, these types of systems are declining.

Note - gas pressure requirement may vary depending on: