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Industrial gases


One of our main businesses is supply of industrial gases with five main applications of; shielding gases, laser gases, hospitality gases, thermal spraying and oxyfuel solutions. We supply industrial gases through our extensive network of branch sites, depots and distributors. Click here for more information.  

We have five specialist brands within the industrial sector to ensure we continue to deliver good service,high quality products and meet our customers' requirements.

  • Coregas
  • Shieldpro
  • Laspur
  • Lascut
  • Corebrew

Coregas has key experience in many areas within:


You can choose from our range of high quality pure gases and standard industrial gas mixtures. These products are widely used in cutting and welding applications, plus in the most demanding applications such as laser cutting, where our products have been tested and welcomed by many manufacturers. We can even customise our gas mixtures for the newer lasers on the market. We work closely with manufacturers to ensure that our products meet their stringent requirements for purity and tolerance.

A tailored gas package

We are not satisfied with offering you only a wide range of gases. To us, close customer relations means being able to offer a range of packages to customers to cover all their gas needs - right up to providing a Total-Gas-Assessment that covers all aspects of gas handling and improvements. 

This means, for instance, providing the best supply form, customised hardware, cylinder tracking system, tele-monitoring of tanks and a comprehensive service package as well as individual contract plans.

Our technology and applications centre
As part of our commitment to providing high quality gases and service, we have established a state-of-the-art technology centre on our Yennora site.The centre run by an innovation award winning manager, tests and trials gases and applications to improve productivity, thus continuing our high levels of product quality and service.

Technical equipment
We also offer specific hardware for gas applications and gas supply, for example, high pressure delivery equipment, regulators and plant for your needs. 

Customised service

Providing solutions
Coregas is known throughout the industry for our reliable service. We seek out the best processes, equipment, personnel and gas supply for each of our customers. To this end, we cooperate with specialised partners that also provide skilled workers and hardware.  To enhance our knowledge, we partner with some of the world's leading gas and equipment specialists and will continue to provide innovations to the industry.

Everything that's needed for reliable operation
We offer professional support for operating a supply or technical plant - ranging from engineering services and rental plans, right up to installation and maintenance. We also provide the necessary resources and personnel and assume responsibility for safety functions such as telemetry monitoring and remote control. 

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