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Specialty gases

To match the exact needs of our special gases customers, our high tech production facilities have been designed to ensure that we provide the right product specification and purity match. This reduces lead times of your gas to its point of use first time, every time. Our main priority is your peace of mind.

For further information on any specific requirement you may have, please call 02 9794 2230

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Our specialty gas laboratory has 3 levels of certification and accreditation:

  • ISO 9001: offers quality management certification for the manufacture of specialty gases
  • ISO/IEC 17025: offers gases and gas mixtures available with NATA endorsed analysis certificates
  • ISO Guide 34: offers reference gas mixtures prepared according to ISO 6142 and ISO 6143 standards and available with NATA endorsed certificates

There is at least one product that will meet your requirement for purity, consistency and compliance with Australian regulations.

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A new way forward with Coregas

Improved production facilities
We operate with a production base that offers you a single source of supply. We have strengthened our high purity and ultra high purity gas filling facilities at our Yennora site. Coupled with this, we have increased our investment in the expansion of our speciality gases laboratory to establish this as the "centre of excellence" for the production of our complex multi-component gas and liquid mixtures.

Dedicated special gases sales team
We have structured our sales and logistics organisation to bring you a significantly focused team. Our dedicated sales help-desk team are ready to provide you with a more focused approach to the handling of your speciality gas needs.

Technical support
Backed by outstanding applications technology, we can offer you guidance for the selection of the correct gas purity and associated equipment. Our aim is to significantly reduce the average lead-time response for your speciality gas mixtures to your chosen point of delivery.

We want to make it easier for you to do business with us.

Through the Coregas website,you will have instant access to safety data sheets , health & safety information, catalogues, specifications and an easy way to contact us.

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Calibration gas mixtures

The number of permutations and combinations of the various gases are almost limitless, restricted only by the physical and chemical properties of the components plus health and safety issues relevant to the 'before, during and after' production along with the resulting stability and quality of the final mixture. You can judge the strength of our considerable reputation from the consistent quality of the products that our Yennora facility is producing with experience accumulated over the last twenty years. We have total confidence in our abilities and are firm in the belief that we can provide you with some of the finest mixtures in the world.

Raw materials are pre-analysed to ensure that the final outcome of the gas mixture meets your specifications for purity, accuracy and stability. Balance gases for mixtures are 99.999% (5.0) or higher where appropriate, and are supplied from bulk liquid feed stocks.

Cylinder selection
Cylinder selection takes into consideration the chemical and physical properties of the gas mixture. For reactive mixtures we use specially prepared cylinders which are internally coated and fitted with stainless steel valves in order to guarantee the stability of your gas mixture. To further minimise any chance for cross-contamination, cylinders are only recycled for use with gas mixtures within the same group classification.

Cylinder preparation
Cylinder preparation is of paramount importance if we are to ensure that no residual gas, particles or moisture are present from the outset to contaminate the gas mixture and the associated process application. Cylinders are first heated to drive off any residual moisture followed by thorough purging and evacuation process in order to create a clean baseline.

Production analysis
Reference and certified mixtures are manufactured using gravimetric techniques with high accuracy balances traceable to Australian national standards. This widely acknowledged superiority of the gravimetric method of production over manometric techniques ensures that your mixtures are manufactured consistently to the highest possible accuracy emphasising our commitment to quality.

Mixture purity and composition is verified by analysis and certification following a thorough homogenisation process. To ensure that more complex and reactive mixtures have been reliably achieved, these mixtures will be analysed several times over a period of days/weeks, as appropriate, in order to guarantee their final stability and quality.

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Gas control equipment

Coregas high purity regulators
You have selected the purity and specification for the high purity gas or gas mixture that you need for your application. The challenge now becomes to transfer the gas from its container to your point of use with no degradation to the purity or the resulting accuracy of your application results.

The speciality gas department control equipment requirements are within the Coregas high purity range. With this equipment you deliver your gas exactly where you want it at precisely the right pressure, purity and flow because we've made a real commitment with a dedication to quality assurance including:

  • Material testing
  • Surface quality measurement
  • Dimensional accuracy checks
  • Function tests with Nitrogen
  • Pressure tests with Helium
  • Particle measurements
  • Moisture measurements
  • Quality testing of orbital TIG welds

The result is that Coregas can provide a comprehensive range of gas control equipment including cylinder regulators, line regulators, gas supply panels, laboratory outlet points, valves and other accessory components.

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Pure gases

Ultra pure gases
From A - X (Acetylene to Xenon) we are able to supply you with an extensive range of pure gases along with the correct specification of speciality gas control equipment to ensure that the purity you require is maintained accurately through to your point of use.

More than 100 pure gases throughout their range of purities are available to match your specific requirements and applications. Just contact our speciality gas help desk advisor to discuss your specifications. 

Instrumentation gases
High quality instrumentation gases are a basic prerequisite for trouble free and dependable operation of modern analytical systems. Instrumentation gases must not contain any impurities that might adversely influence your final measurement results.

Having selected the correct gas purity it is now essential to preserve it from the point of cylinder exit through to your point of use.

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Rare, electronic & other gases

Rare gas production
It takes approximately ten million cubic metres of air to obtain one cubic metre of Xenon. A crude blend of rare gas mixture is taken to a purification centre for rare gases where it is then separated, refined and purified up to grades of 99.999% purity.

You can rely on Coregas to provide you with a reliable source for your rare gases requirements.

Whatever your special gases requirements, call the Coregas special gases team and see the difference.Our quality and reputation for rapid delivery is unparalleled.